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Sharlene Burnett hearing betterThank you for my ears! It has been over a year and WOW, what a huge difference. I can understand what people are saying and not mixing up words. I should have done this 10 years ago! I’ll never forget the kindness everyone in your office showed me. You have a special place in my heart!  Forever grateful. Sharlene Burnett


Seniors – Age-related hearing loss is perfectly normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. The earlier you intervene the better!   You don’t miss out on social experiences and your brain doesn’t have to ‘relearn’ how to hear after an extended absence of sound.

Adults – We see numerous adults that have noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) especially musicians, law enforcement, military personnel or those that work around noisy machinery. In addition to helping you, we can often work with your employer to monitor noise levels and provide adequate protective equipment. Learn more about noise-induced hearing loss or hearing protection.

Children – Our audiologist is specially trained to diagnose hearing loss in children and recommend solutions. Kids may experience hearing difficulties as infants or toddlers, or it may appear later in school-age or teenage years. We are experts at working with parents and children across multiple years to develop a custom plan for each family.

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Hearing Tests – A comprehensive hearing test checks your hearing and speech understanding across a wide range of frequencies including both tones and real speech. The results of your hearing test are presented as an audiogram which will reveal the type, degree and patterns of your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Fittings – Most people with hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids, but selecting the best hearing aid can be difficult. And, even the best hearing aid will take some getting used to and adaptation on your part. We will tell you exactly what to expect from the process of choosing your first hearing aid and do all the necessary follow-ups and adjustments to get the best performance from your investment. Learn more about selecting a hearing aid.


Hearing Loss – Our audiologist can evaluate your hearing loss to determine if the cause is primarily sensorineural, conductive, a combination of the two or has some other underlying reason. Treatments for hearing loss depend on correctly identifying the cause. Learn more about how we assess hearing loss.

Tinnitus – Also known as ringing in the ears.  There is ongoing research devoted to finding a cure for tinnitus. Our experts stay current on the latest tinnitus treatment options and would be happy to talk to you about your choices. Learn more about tinnitus treatment.

Excess Ear Wax – Excessive ear wax does affect your hearing. Luckily this type of hearing loss is reversible with ear wax removal. To get the best result and remove ear wax safely, work with your audiologist instead of trying it at home.

Hearing Aid Batteries & Accessories – We offer all the essential accessories including complete line of hearing aid batteries, cleaning supplies, dryers/dehumidifiers, replacement parts and more. For a complete list visit our hearing aid batteries page.

Assistive Living for the Hearing Impaired – Are you looking for a strobe fire alarm, extra loud doorbell, or a captioned telephone? We have an excellent selection of safety and convenience products for persons with hearing impairment. For a complete list visit our assistive listening devices page.

Hearing Protection – We offer standard and custom hearing protection and ear plugs designed for musicians, hunters, shooting ranges and law enforcement. For a complete list visit our hearing protection page.



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