In the last two blog posts, I reviewed bundled and unbundled pricing.  If you haven’t read these posts, you should go back now and review these concepts if you aren’t already familiar with them.  The articles were titled:   Bundled Hearing Aid Pricing and UnBundled Hearing Aid Pricing  I want to summarize the pros and cons of each method.

What’s Best, Bundled or Unbundled?


After you hearing testing, bundled pricing means the hearing aid evaluation, hearing aid, hearing aid fitting, and follow up and service are included in the total cost.

Bundled pricing  is preferred by most experienced hearing aid users. In our office, bundled pricing includes semi-annual check-ups, and hearing retested every two years. If your hearing changes significantly, then your hearing aids need reprogramming. Whenever you have a problem, just pick up the phone and schedule a time for service. Usually we see you the same day. Hearing aid users with bundled pricing never worry about the fees for these services because they were included in the pricing. For many hearing aid users, bundled pricing is less expensive over the life of the hearing aid system. With bundled pricing, I’m assured that the cost of the office visit is never the reason you don’t call if you’re having an issue with your hearing aids.  For example, you might prefer bundled pricing:

  • If you are an experienced hearing aid user and know you will need follow-up and service.
  • If you are a person with wax build-up that requires frequent cleaning.
  • If you are a person that wants the peace of mind that they can come in anytime they have a problem and won’t be charged for office visits.

Unbundled pricing is required by some insurance companies, and some hearing aid users prefer it. With unbundling, you pay less for the hearing aid up-front, but pay for follow-up and services as you consume them throughout the life of your fitting. Unbundled pricing mimics how you consume most professional and medical services. You pay as you go. for example, you might prefer unbundled pricing:

unbundled hearing aid pricing

With unbundled pricing, each component of your evaluation have a specific cost and are charged only after they are completed.

  • If you are a person that travels frequently and needs service away from your home.
  • If you are a person who already knows you won’t need services and scheduled follow ups because you can’t be bothered with coming back to the office
  • If you are a person that prefers to pay as you go

We dispense hearing aids using both methods. Since we provide both methods, you don’t need to worry about not having a choice.  You choose the method you think will work best for you.

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