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This area contains fact sheets and packets of information we use in our office.  Sometimes you want to have a copy of fact sheet or a policy that we use.  If you are a consumer looking for more information, you can download our fact sheets and policies here.  If you are another audiologist or hearing care provider who wants to use content from this page in your office, you are welcome to download and display the content as long as you ask my permission.

What Diabetics Need to Know About Their Disease and Hearing Loss?

Diabetics are twice as likely to experience hearing loss because of their disease.  Click here to learn what you should do to stay on top of the effects.

Hearing Loss and Dementia?

The effects of hearing loss on cognitive decline are clear.  If you have a hearing loss, its important to have it corrected sooner rather than later. Click here to learn more about the effects of hearing loss on cognitive decline.

Bundled Verse Unbundled Hearing Aid Pricing. What’s the Best For Me?

If you have an insurance benefit for hearing aids, sometimes they will ask the audiologist to unbundle the hearing cost. Traditionally hearing aid were sold using bundled pricing. Bundled pricing means you pay one fee for your hearing aids that includes the hearing aids, fitting, and follow up. Click here to learn which system might be the best for you.

Save money on hearing aid batteries.

Join the Basin Audiology Battery Club and start saving money today. Learn how to get the best deal on your hearing aid batteries. You can buy batteries for less money at Basin Audiology than most retailers can purchase them from their suppliers.

Click here to download it now.

Everything you ever wanted to know about hearing aid batteries.

Download our battery Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs, for all the information you need about hearing aid batteries. Not sure how to store batteries or why there are different size, you’ll find out here.

Click here to download it now.

APD 1.0 Learning Tool

  • This is a FREE application I created to help parents, teachers, and other professionals understand Auditory Processing Disorder. There are three main sections:
    • What is Auditory Processing Disorder, APD and how does it compare to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD
    • Why and how do personal FM systems help with APD. There are several sound samples that demonstrate different signal-to-noise ratios,SNRs, and should be helpful in understanding and explaining SNR.. Personal FM system improve SNRs in the classroom and are an important tool in helping some children with APD.
    • Printable high resolution fact sheets in the form of pdf documents which can be viewed on your computer and printed out for personal use. These include:
      •  Two documents for parents and professionals
        • One compares and differentiates APD from ADHD,
        • A second explains the use personal FM systems in the classroom.
      • A step by step guide for audiologists that wish to deploy a personal FM system in the classroom. This document talks about APD profiles and gives specific recommendations for tests and post treatment tools to insure personal FM system success in the classroom.
      • A four color brochure for parents with a child that is going to see the audiologist for APD testing. This document takes a step-by-step approach to informing parents about APD testing.
      • A tip sheet with strategies to use in the home for parents of children with APD
      • A section, Web Links, was added 4/23/2004 to the reference area. This section will provide a list of current web site addresses with additional information on CAPD.
        • Click here to download the Setup_APD.exe file, version 1.1, (approx. 7.7mb’s)
  • System Requirements Windows 95/98, NT 4.0 w/ sp 6a, 2000, or XP. 7, 8. The software will not operate on Win 3.1 or the MacOS
    • 400 mg hz Pentium II processor or higher
    • 10 mb’s of free hard drive disc space
    • VGA Video adapter capable of driving at least a 14″ display to 800 X 600
    • 32MB RAM required, 64MB recommended
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader–for viewing the fact sheets.

Note: A summary of this tool was published in the 2004 Journal of Education Audiology. It’s starting to be a little dated, but this was an excellent issue to get because the entire issue was devoted to APD. This journal is the official publication of the Educational Audiology Association. Unfortunately, this is a professional member’s journal and the publisher does not provide access to articles online. You may of course contact the publisher to purchase a copy or read a library copy of the issue. If you would like to read a pdf version of my original article that was submitted, click the link below:

Click here (approximately 431k) to download

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