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Introducing Basin Audiology’s First-Class Hearing Care

Bringing you the latest advances in hearing technology

The advances we’ve seen in hearing instrument technology over the last five years are amazing.  Many of the new technologies, such as digital sound processing and noise reduction, have CD-like sound and automatically adjust to different environments.  Adaptive feedback managers help to reduce and/or eliminate annoying squealing or feedback from your hearing instruments.  There are behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, in-the-canal, and completely in-the-canal styles to choose from.  At Basin Audiology, we bring you the expertise to determine which type of hearing instrument is best for you and your lifestyle.

A long-standing reputation for first-class hearing care

We are pleased that some of the finest physicians and specialists in the community entrust us with their patients’ hearing care and their own.  Over the years, our patients have given us the compliment of referring friends and family.  This confidence in our care is an inspiration for us to continue to strive for excellence.  We believe everyone deserves first-class hearing care.  That’s why we make our services affordable.  And we accept all major credit cards for added payment flexibility.

You need great products to improve your hearing, but you also need knowledgeable and professional service providers to deliver them.  Our first-class service program ensures you get the most help from your hearing instrument purchases.  In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty for your hearing instruments, you’ll get the best delivery and follow-up program we can provide.

A comprehensive follow-up program

We include our follow-up program with your purchase of new hearing instruments.  After your fitting, you’re usually scheduled for several follow-ups.  The follow-ups help ensure you understand everything needed to be a successful hearing instrument wearer.  It’s impossible to deliver new hearing instruments in an hour and expect you to be an expert at the end of the first appointment.  That’s why we want to see you back each week.  Sometimes we need to counsel you regarding expectations and other times we make changes to how your hearing instrument system works.  If you have more difficulties and need extra time, you get the extra appointments.

During the first year, you’ll have a follow-up every six months.  This includes cerumen or wax management of your ears and routine cleaning of your hearing instruments.  We’ll test your hearing instruments to make sure they’re working according to the prescription we fit.  If you have changes in hearing and need updates to the hearing instruments, we will reprogram them.  If you need help before your scheduled appointment, just call the office and you’ll typically be seen the same day.  We won’t make you wait, because it’s part of your care

First-class hearing care is included with most hearing instrument purchased as a bundled service—some restriction apply to instruments sold unbundled.   There’s never a reason for you to be afraid to call.  We want you to let us know if there’s a problem so we can help you right away.  We want you to enjoy all the benefits of improved hearing for years to come.


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Mildred McEachernThank you so much for my ability to hear. Without my hearing aids, I know my hearing would have deteriorated even more. Each time I come to your office with a problem, it has been taken care of promptly. Mildred McEachern