In December, Gillian attended a workshop at the Siemens hearing aid factory in Los Angeles. It was a great opportunity for her to learn how a hearing aid lab operates.
Here is what Gillian had to say!
I recently had the opportunity to travel to Siemens Hearing in Cerittos, CA. Christie and I were invited to get a more in depth understanding of the repair and manufacture of hearing aids. We followed an aid through the steps of manufacturing, starting with the pouring of the shell and ending with the shipment of the aid to the dispenser, and all the quality control check points the aid went through in between. Brent King, a trainer for Siemens showed us first hand the materials used to make the aid. He demonstrated tips and tricks on how to repair holes in the hearing aids using an ultra strong UV material. The material is the same as is used in the shell of the hearing aid so patched are almost invisible and very strong. He set the patches using a UV gun, similar to the guns used in a dentist office to seal the bonding on teeth. He showed us how to replace the string on a CIC and patch holes in vents in the office to avoid sending the aid in for repair. Brent also talked to us about the future of hearing aids with soft shell CICs and removable faceplates in the not too distant future. Christie and I were also treated to an afternoon of shopping in Beverly Hills and a day at Disneyland. That too was a learning experience. We learned that if you give a famous person change for a parking meter, he has to let you take his picture and it takes more than one day to see Disneyland. But that is another story.

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