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Hearing Aid Reviews

What’s the secret to finding the right hearing aid for you?  Well, you can’t count on reviews.

Currently there are about 24 hearing aid manufacturers building hearing aids in the US.  They varying by style and technology level.  Which one you need depends on many factors, including your level of hearing loss, the types of situations you have difficulty hearing in, and the features you need to help you hear the best  in those situations.  Hearing aid reviews seem like a logical place to look.    However, today there is more parity in the hearing aid market than at any other time in history.  Hearing aid manufacturers are using exactly the some processors to power most of the hearing aids sold today.  Where the differ is in how their software takes advantage of the  processing power.  When searching for reviews of hearing aids, remember all hearing aids fundamentally do the same thing.  All hearing aids have a microphone, an amplifier, and a receiver that takes the amplified sound and puts it into your ear canal so that you can hear.

Should you rely on hearing aid reviews to make your selection?

While hearing aid reviews can be helpful, the key to finding the right hearing aid is choosing the right professional.  This is the person, hopefully a private practice audiologist,  who will help you select the right ones and fit them properly. Research by Consumer Reports shows that two-thirds of hearing aids sold were misfit.  Misfit means that the amplified sound was too much or too little.

1. Start with hearing aid reviews to get an idea of the various types.

2. Then find a professional you can trust to help you with your hearing aid selection and fitting. You’ll be glad you did.

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