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Even though you have purchased your hearing aids elsewhere, we’re happy to provide you with the service you need.  Plus we offer a money saving service contract.   We encourage you to bring even the smallest question or problem to our attention.  We’re here to serve you.  We want you to enjoy all the benefits of improved hearing for years to come.

What your hearing aid warranty covers

Your hearing aid warranty only covers factory repairs that are necessary due to mechanical malfunction or defects of  workmanship in the instrument.  If you are simply not satisfied with your hearing aid and would like us to adjust it for better performance, hourly professional charges will apply.  After we’re through, you can also choose to purchase a service contract.

A significant portion of the original price you paid for your hearing aid probably included a “service package” covering adjustments and fine-tuning. Costs vary, but these professional services can account for as much as 60-70% of the cost of a new aid.   The professionals from whom you bought your hearing aid are not providing this service for free.  They have been paid in advance as part of the purchase price for their work.  We have not been paid for this work, so we must collect those charges from you.

If your hearing aid malfunctions while under the MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY and requires factory service, we will handle the repair for you.

  • Flat rate $25 handling fee per incident
  • Programmable/digital aids will be reset to the original settings after factory service

Adjustment fees for products purchased elsewhere

The professional services we provide for your hearing aids can be paid for by time-and-materials or service contract  A service contract allows your hearing aid to be “adopted” by us.   You purchase a service contract after all initial hearing aid adjustments are completed.  We will extend to you the same no-charge services and appointments for any purpose that we would extend to someone who bought their hearing instrument from us.  Click here to download a copy of our current fee schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When I take my new car in to any dealer for warranty work they don’t charge me.  Why isn’t it the same for hearing aids?

A:  The auto manufacturer pays car dealers for all warranty work performed.  Their time is paid for directly by the factory.  We do not receive any compensation from the hearing aid manufacturer for working on your hearing aid.

Q:  I just bought my hearing aid elsewhere, then moved here.  How can I avoid paying so much for service from you?

A:  Unfortunately, you can’t.  However, you may wish to contact the professional from whom you bought your instrument.  If you have not utilized much of their services, they may be willing to subsidize you and pay us all or a portion of the service contract fee to adopt you.  If you are someone who maintains two homes (winter and summer) in different areas, you may wish to have a service contract with us in order to be assured of year-round full service.  It is no different than paying two mortgages or two utility bills even though you can only live in one place at a time.

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Cindy DimmittTo merely ‘thank you’ for your services over the past fifteen years would be a tremendous oversight on my part. I would like the community of Klamath Falls and beyond to know exactly how honored they should be to have a business, such as yours, that operates with a sound business ethic, impeccable integrity and heartfelt concern for the people that you serve. Cindy Dimmitt