Lyric extended wear hearing aid compared to Sonic Innovations Groove

Sonic Innovation Micro Complete-In-Canal Aid, Groove, is less expensive than Lyric and works better.

Like Lyric, the new Sonic Innvovation Groove micro complete-in-canal hearing aid is designed to fit deep into the external ear canal. This makes the hearing aid nearly invisible.  But that’s where the similarites end!  Let;s do a comparison:

  1. Groove offers advanced 24 channel digital signal processing. Using clinically proven noise reduction processing to master noisy situations while providing natural sound.  No more outdated analogue technology that you replace quarterly or more often.
  2. Groove is easily removed by patients.   You can easily remove the Groove nightly before bed. There are no complicated tools.  That means listeners don’t need to be seen by their audiologist as often.  You control your hearing aid.  It easy for you to clean and maintain your hearing aids.
  3. Groove has a typical life expectancy of 5-7 years.  There are no expensive quarterly or annual contracts.  When compared to extended wear hearing aids, a pair of Groove hearing aids cost less than a 2 year contract of Lyric.  And you are getting a high performance digital processor that’s been clinically proven to improve listening in noisy environments.
  4. Groove is a custom made product that is designed to fit your ear.  There is no one size fits all.  This means that your hearing aid will be comfortable to wear.

Contact your audiologist to find out if Groove is right for you.

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