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Other Interests of Dr. Du Brey

Basin Audiology, providers of southern Oregon’s finest audiology and hearing aid care. We provide state of the art hearing testing and evaluation for hearing problems. We offer a full range of hearing aids including computerized and digital hearing instruments. We feature products from Sonic Innovation, ReSound, Siemens/Rexton, Unitron, and Starkey.  This is my main/primary interest.

Hearing Office Software, products for the hearing care industry.  Interest in starting a software company in the 1990’s motivated me to go online.  I still have high interest in building software for the hearing care industry, but it’s hard for me to publish the software with manuals and installers.   Without the manuals and installers, the software is hard to market and support.  Since my primary interest is helping people understand speech,  I’m sorry to say that building software just isn’t getting the attention it needs anymore.

Au.D.Professional Page, a section of the web site devoted to audiologist.

Building an Audiology Office, details our experience building a new office in 2007-2008.

Virtual Corporation Test Equipment Page, lists the most current drivers for the audiometer and tympanometer. Also there is information on a test set-up.

My Bike Page, information I find interesting about bicycling.

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