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Prices and Costs

What’s the right price for your hearing aids?

The answer is…It depends. The value of your hearing aids is determined by their performance and the services you consume from your provider.  Let’s look at each of these to determine what’s important to you.

Do I need high performance hearing aids?

Do you:

  • Live alone?
  • Rarely talk on the phone?
  • Never listen to the radio or watch TV?
  • Rarely venture out or your home?,

If you answered “Yes” to ALL of these questions, then your hearing aid use will be low and it won’t make sense to opt for a top of the line hearing aisd.  You don’t need much performance from your hearing aids and you probably won’t wear the hearing aids very much.

On the other hand:

  • Do you live by yourself and enjoy watching TV?
  • Do you enjoy talking on the phone to family, friends, and loved ones?
  • Do you like listening  to the news on the radio ?
  • Do you like visiting with friends and family?
  • Do you do your own shopping and banking?

If you answered “Yes” to just a few of these questions, then your use is going to be high. In fact you’ll probably wear your hearing aids for 12-16 hours a day.  You’ll want hearing aids that consistently perform well. Given your high use, paying a bit more is going to be a good investment.

Will insurance pay for my hearing aids?

Hearing aids are generally not covered by health insurance companies, although some do.  You can learn more about insurance by visiting our section,  Hearing Aid Insurance

What determines the cost of hearing aids?

Hearing aid cost is determined by the performance you need and the service from your provider.  The more performance you want, the more features you need.  Ear trumpets are big and ugly!  They don’t work that well in most situations, but are cheap.

A equal component of the cost of hearing aids is the service from your provider.  The service is everything from the testing and fitting of your new hearing aids, to what happens when you come to the office if you have a problem. Sometime hearing aids are dispensed with all services bundled up-front in the total cost of the hearing aid.  This is called a bundled service.  Other times, hearing aids are dispensed with just the services necessary to get the user started.  This is called an unbundled service.  To learn more about the benefits of bundled verse unbundled, visit our section titled:  Hearing Aid Insurance, Bundled Vs Undbundled.

If you’re new to hearing aids, you will likely require more service than an experienced hearing aid user.  It’s like learning to tie your shoes.  Just because somebody shows you how to do it once, doesn’t mean your going to start tying perfect knots.  Dr Sergei Kochkin from the Better Hearing Institute publishes extensively on this subject.  He’s been the Ralph Nader of the hearing aid industry.  Dr Kocklin looks annually at what it takes listeners to do well with hearing aids.  You can get a copy of his Guide To Better Hearing here.  We think it is one of the most valuable consumer resources available for people with hearing  loss seeking help.

How much should you spend on your hearing aids?

  • Take out a piece of paper and list how much of the day you could benefit from using hearing aids.
  • List all the situations where they would help you enjoy life more.
  • Calculate what it’d be worth to you per day to be part of the conversation.
  • Would it be worth $5, $10, $15 or more?

There are many styles and types of hearing aids with prices ranging from $300 to $2700. Of course the true cost of hearing aids depends on how much you wear them and how much benefit you receive. Typically the cost is about $1-$3 a day to wear hearing aids.  When properly cared for, hearing aids will last 5-7 years.

Just like other technology,  price depends on the performance you choose and the services you receive. The more features and service,  the more the hearing aids will cost.

For example, if you live a very active lifestyle, the audiologist will recommend dual microphones to help you hear better in noise.  The number one complaint for most listeners is difficulty understanding speech in background noise.  Using a hearing aid equipped with directional microphones significantly improves speech understanding in noise.  Patient satisfaction is very high with this feature.

All hearing aids come with an adjustment or trial period.  Typically this period is 30-60 days from date of purchase. During this adjustment period, it important that you return to your provider for follow up.  Most listeners who receive hearing aids without follow-up are unsuccessful.  To learn about our First Class Hearing Guarantee, click here.  Which is one of the many reasons our patients choose us each and every time. We guarantee results or your money back.

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