can sweat affect hearing aids

Active hearing aid users need to protect their hearing aids from sweat

Sweat can damage hearing aids and/or shorten their life. This is especially true for hearing aids that fit behind your ears.  This includes the standard Behind-The-Ear aids with a custom earmold, and the new ultra thin tubed Behind-The-Ear hearing aids.

Sonic Innovations published a technical paper comparing their two high performance Behind-The-Ear hearing instruments with other products in the industry for moisture resistance. What I found most Can sweat damage hearing aids?interesting was that sweat damages the battery which in turn releases chemicals or gases that damage the electronics in your instruments. The article isn’t very long, only four pages, and is available here to download.

If you want to extend the life of any hearing aid, consider buying a hearing aid dryer.  There are two types of dryers, active and passive.  Passive systems, like Dry-Aid-Kits, use silicone crystals to absorb moisture.  Passive systems need to be re-activated from time-to-time by placing them in the oven for about on hour at 200 F. The heat evaporates the moisture in the crystals so that continue to work year-after-year.   Active system use electricity to operate a heater and fan.  They don’t require re-activation and are easier to use.

In general, active systems do a much better job of drying out the hearing aid, especially for active wearers.  If you don’t produce a lot of moisture, a passive system works great and is inexpensive.   Talk to your audiologist to find out which system works best for you.

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