unbundled hearing aid pricing

With unbundled pricing, each component of your evaluation has a specific cost and you are charged only after it is completed.

Unbundled hearing aid pricing refers to the cost for the procedures and services after your hearing test. After the audiologist completes your case history, diagnostic testing, and a post-test review of your results, the recommendation might include amplification to improve your speech understanding.   If you elect to pursue amplification, you’re scheduled for the next step in the process towards improving your hearing, a hearing aid evaluation. A good hearing aid evaluation guarantees a problem free hearing aid fitting.

During the hearing aid evaluation, you learn about technology and which products work best for you. Unbundling assigns individual fees for the hearing aid evaluation, hearing aids, hearing aid fitting, and follow-up and service. Each item is billed separately when it occurs. In addition, after the fitting, you usually have several scheduled follow-ups and annual service. You pay a fee each time you visit the office for follow-up and service. Unbundling lowers your initial cost because you are not paying for a lifetime of follow-up and service. If you exhaust your insurance benefit before the hearing aids need replacement, you pay for the follow-up and service.

Most experienced hearing aid users expect to paying a single price, bundled, for the hearing aid evaluation, hearing aids, fitting, and follow-up and service. During the last 5 years, insurance companies asked audiologists to unbundle hearing aid pricing.   For more information about bundling, see my blog titled:  Bundled Hearing Aid Pricing

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