You asked for it, and now you have it. You’ve purchased you hearing aids somewhere else, but now you would really like to have your hearing aids “adopted” by us. We have a money saving service contract that you can purchase. You’ll be able take advantage of our service contract program at an affordable price. You’ll be getting the same worry free service for your hearing instruments that our patients get when they purchased their hearing aids from us.

Stan Rogers Was The Winner. Stan won our Fall 1999 hearing aid give away. Stan now wears two new complete In-The-Ear digitally programmed hearing aids. Here’s what Stan has to say about his new hearing aids:

Stan Rogers Photo

“I went to church Sunday and for the first time in years I could hear the services. Now I can have company and be able to carry on a descent conversation with them. How wonderful for me and also them”
Stan Rogers
Klamath Falls, OR

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